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Wax Melts, Balms & Burners


Luxury Wax Melts

These luxury wax melts are made from high quality soy wax, highly scented and biodegradable petals are in each bar.


Wax Melts

Highly scented, hand poured, soy wax melts. Each snap bar will give you over 80 hours of a beautiful scent.

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Wax Burners

Stunning wax burners in a range of colours. Add that little bit of luxury to your home with these modern burners.

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Wax Sample Box

A selection of 8 different fragrances. Perfect when you aren't sure on which fragrances to choose from.

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Carpet Fresheners

Beautifully scented, shake on your carpets leave for 30 minutes then vacuum off. Your room will stay smelling fresh for hours.



Nourishing vegan friendly cuticle, hand and foot balms. All handmade and come in a vegan friendly screw tin.


Mini Wax Melts

Pop a few hearts in your burner or electric burner and wait for the aroma to fill the room. The smaller the room the stronger the fragrance.


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers available from £5.00 - £100. A great gift, all vouchers are valid for 6 months and can be redeemed against any of our products.


Frosted 6 Square Clamshell (packaging only)

Frosted clamshell packaging adding luxury to your wax melts. Available for wholesale orders. 


Hand and Foot Polish


Desk Cuticle Oil


Cuticle Oil Pen


Beautiful fragrant wax melts

Floral, perfume, linen, sweet, fruity and more

what our customers think...

I LOVE my wax melts from Nellie Rose. I started with the sample box but have quickly found my favourite and now order these! Great quality, beautiful scents and long lasting. Cant' wait to try their other products.

Claire Smith

I’ve had three different scents of wax melts so far and will definitely try more. They’re really fragrant, long lasting and come in really cute packaging. Love them

Lucy Kershaw

I have to say what a lovely surprise it was to find a tea light in my order. It’s a simple little thing but I knew I didn’t have any and wanted so much to try it tonight so when I found one in the bag it made my day. The products smell amazing and can’t wait to give them a try!

Sharon Griffiths

I ordered some snap bars, Fresh Linen and La Vie Est Belle and I absolutely love them both! They make your whole house smell amazing and they’re also easy to clean when you’re ready for a new block!

Liz Dentith

Love my new burners and Seychelles melts. My house smells divine

Deborah Jayne

Absolutely love these wax melts. The scent literally travels through the whole house and as well as smelling gorgeous they look stunning too. Can’t wait to try some different scents

Samantha Fay

Ordered a wholesale order of cuticle oils from Nellie Rose and they are absolutely stunning. Clients love them, I can't wait for the new scents to be released to order more.

Sarah T

My feet have never looked so good. First time ever using a balm. The foot polish is absolutely gorgeous too.


Absolutely loving giving manicures and pedicures with Nellie Rose hand and foot polish. It smells insane and clients really feel like they are having a luxurious treatment. Rosie is so attentive with the order process and keeps you up to date throughout and nothing is a problem.

Charlotte Mackwell