Monthly Subscription Box
Nellie Rose

Monthly Subscription Box

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Welcome to our Monthly Subscription Box, the perfect opportunity to sample our new fragrances before anyone else. 

We can take the stress out of choosing and send you a selection of some of the best fragrances, and even some that you might not choose yourself but surprisingly like.

 Our monthly subscription boxes include:

     - 4 x 60g Snap Bars of varying colours (over 300 hours of burning!) 

     - A selection of new fragrances and some old time favourites 

     - Each box is hand packed by a small family business.

     - FREE Shipping

Get a FREE GIFT with your first subscription! 

Subscription Details:

  • The cut off date to receive the current months subscription box is the 20th. If you subscribe after 20th, you will receive the next months box. 
  • All subscription boxes are dispatched no later than 48 hours after the 1st of the month.
  • You can cancel anytime. No commitment. (please cancel within 7 days of subscription payment)